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Why You Should Start Video Marketing Now

Blog - Why You Should Start Video Marketing Now
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    Video content is a growing trend

    Video content continues to become one of the most essential elements of digital marketing as we roll into 2021 – and with a good cause. Whether we talk about 90’s television commercials or today’s YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook advertisements, it’s no wonder in saying that video has become the most effective marketing trend.

    Besides humans find visually engaging & memorable than any other type of content, everyone can easily understand a context through visual, even an illiterate one. Therefore, using video content as storytelling, public relation, and advertising is no more a choice – instead, it has become an essential requirement of today’s marketing strategy that addresses millennials who spend the most time on social media and video streaming platforms.

    According to a report of Hubspot, 81% of businesses used video content in their marketing strategy – 63% higher than last year. And Google’s survey shows that 6 out of 10 people prefer streaming online videos to television. This means video marketing can reach your audience faster than traditional TV commercials. Though a video is just a video for the viewers, there is a big difference between any video and the marketing strategy that is the power supply.

    Producing a video and planning a strategy for marketing using produced videos are two different corners of one rope. One consists of creativity & technical attributes while the other one holds a well-defined marketing strategy. Well, most people are still confused over these terms. So, in this article, we will try to explain the difference between Video marketing vs Video production. But, before we dive into this, let’s discuss why you need to add videos to your next marketing strategy and how video marketing is benefiting business across the world.

    With the increasing online audience and online streaming platforms, video is becoming popular among marketers. According to the latest reports of CISCO, nearly 82% of the internal traffic globally will be obtained from video content by 2021. 

    Fascinating Facts On Video Marketing

    Let’s run eyes over some fascinating facts about the increasing trend of video marketing across the world.

    • Social media videos are shared 1200% more times than text & images together.
    • Facebook videos not only improve the brand-value but also increase user-engagement by up to 35%.
    • Mentioning ‘Video’ in the email subject line can increase the Click Through Rate by 14%.
    • 58% of customers are reported to trust in a brand with video than one without videos.
    • According to a report of Social Media Today, nearly 65% of customers are likely to purchase a product after watching a product demo video.
    • Video drives 157% more organic traffic from SERPs.
      Adding videos to your business website can increase traffic by up to 55%.
    • Videos can increase the conversion rate by up to 80% or more.


    However, you need professionals to get the aforementioned benefits. But, before hiring professional video creators and marketing agencies, you will need to understand the difference between Video Production and Video Marketing. Understanding this will help you decide whether a video production or video marketing service best suits your organization’s needs. Check out our next article on Video Production vs Video Marketing!

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