Video Marketing vs Video Production

Video Marketing vs Video Production

Before we touch on what video marketing is, let’s begin with video production. Approaching a video production company is the first step for businesses looking for promoting their brand or product through videos. A video production company has all the essential resources for video production such as skills, talent, crew, equipment, software, and an experienced team. Some other essential video production planning capabilities include casting, scheduling, technical services, and budget planning as well. These capabilities enable a video company to produce videos according to the client’s needs.

These videos can range from TV Commercials, video narrative, documentary, product demo, documentary, live event, and even full movie production.

With all these capabilities, resources, technical expertise, and industry know-how, video production companies lack some serious video marketing skills that are essential to build a brand and create a story. Well, this is not an issue, because they are doing what they are best at – video production. Though the gap has always been bridged by video marketing or advertising agencies or related companies. These companies often come with an extra capability to manage cost to client. This is just a small difference between video production & marketing.

So, what is video marketing?

Unlike video production companies, video marketing agencies are aligned to understand business and formulate video and marketing strategies. With easy access to the internet, viewers have been shifted from desktops & laptops to smartphones for video streaming. Ever-changing social media trends accompanied by increasing online audiences helped marketers to attract potential customers using interactive digital videos.

Regardless of your business vertical, video marketing starts with the point of marketing in mind. Creative thinkers identify the business & marketing objectives to formulate a winning video marketing strategy. It begins with identifying the real issues with the company’s marketing requirements and addressing those loopholes using video as a medium. These video marketing services can resolve current or future marketing issues tackled by the organization.

Unlike video production services, the customers don’t tell the company that they need, instead, the advertising company tells them what they need. The purpose of video marketing is to engage the targeted audience, create conversation and brand stories by pushing creative video at the right time, at the right platform to the right people. That’s what video optimization includes.

While planning is one of the most essential elements of any marketing strategy, it is necessary to hire right professionals for video marketing. By partnering with video marketing companies, you get the opportunity to leverage years of experience and creative minds backed with advanced software and proven marketing strategy to create a brand story and turn the viewer to your customers. Here at AWANDKO, we mainly focus on:

  • Understanding the issues clients are facing in marketing
  • Identify the issue and find a way to resolve that issue with videos
  • Set targeted audience
  • Formulate a winning a video marketing strategy
  • Come up with creative & innovative ideas for video marketing that suit the brand’s DNA & audience
  • Understand the track – where and how the video will benefit
  • Plan and help the video production team
  • Estimate the results
  • Run video marketing campaign and incorporate with other campaigns if required
While 65% of all customers visited the website have purchased or reached marketers on phone after watching the video on-site, it is essential to approach a video advertising company that has expertise in video production, strategy formulation, optimization, and an energetic team of creative minds.
If you’re looking for an expert video marketing company to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy, create video content that increases the conversation rate, and ensure that your video is benefiting business, you can reach our video marketing experts. We make sure that both technical and creative aspects are in-line to result in enhanced return-on-investment. Do you need assistance in promoting the video to the right audience? Feel free to contact us!

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