Top Trends to look out for in Video Production in 2022

Top Trends to look out for in Video Production in 2022

Blog - Top Trends look out for in video production in 2022
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    Video has been the king of marketing and more and more brands have embraced this concept. An audio-visual ad is the best way to get people’s attention and highlight your products and services. A professional video production company can help you get the video that you want.

    Going into 2022 the edutainment style of video will still remain the pioneer but there are other important ones too. Vlogging will still continue to grow and Live videos have also become a staple in the current video marketing campaign. Let’s check out the top trends to look out for in video production in 2022.

    Here are a few video trends you should focus on:


    The informal nature of this video trend helps people relate with the company and establish a humanitarian presence amongst them. It is a great way of showing the more humane and casual side of the company while also promoting your brand.

    It has seen a dramatic rise in the last few years but in 2022 it will be more important than ever. Since vlog is done regularly, it can be done without any specialized equipment. You should leverage this to your advantage.

    2D Animations and Infotainment

    If you still think that animated videos are just for kids, then you might be missing an amazing trend in video marketing. Adults also enjoy animated videos. Marketing experts predict that animated videos will become increasingly popular in 2021, and we believed this trend will continue to grow as companies use 2D animations to explain their products or services in a fun and an easy to understand manner.

    Live Videos

    Live streaming content has become a norm today and many people take on questions that they might not have been able to answer otherwise. This is one of the new ways of building trust and a community for your services and products.

    People love seeing other people in an interview setting where the questions asked both informative yet entertaining. Infotainment is the need of the hour and the quicker you get on that band wagon the better off you will be.

    Since most of the live session is not scripted you can genuinely give answers to the people’s questions. They will get first-hand information from the people involved with the company directly.

    Vertical Videos

    Since Tik-Tok has seen meteoric rise in the recent years, vertical video has started to become a new format for videos. Take special notice of this as we believed that more and more video in the future will be in vertical format.

    The vertical video dominance started with TikTok but soon Instagram with its “Reels” and YouTube with its “Shorts” also adopted. With many influential creators switching to that, you should do it too. 

    Be cognizant of this fact and make sure that your videos follow the right format to use the different social media platforms. The vertical video is here to stay and it is best to be an early adopter. 

    However, that does not mean that landscape videos are done for. YouTube and Twitch still prefer the “Landscape” videos for longer videos. So it is best to be well versed in both of them. 


    If you are perplexed by the world of video production, contact a professional video production company like us. Working a professional video production company can make a huge difference that makes your video production a breeze. Do check out our video works here and drop us a message, we will love to hear from you.

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