Top 6 Video Production Tips to Create Engaging Interactive Videos

Top 6 Video Production Tips to Create Engaging Interactive Videos

Blog - Top 6 Video Production Tips to Create Engaging Interactive Videos
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    If you are the 80s or 90s born, you must be all too familiar with the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series of books. A first of their kind, these interactive books captivated a whole generation. They allowed readers the freedom and flexibility to choose their own narratives by donning the role of the protagonist. This, therefore, gave them the allowance to experience every story in a new light. Now, fast-forward to this age where you find this mode of storytelling to have taken an all-new avatar in the form of videos. There are several of them you may find online. However, not all have the same appeal as those others.

    This is because with too many distractions waiting to drill a dent into your viewer’s attention, it is impossible to keep them engaged unless you know how to create persuasively compelling videos.

    In this article, we will share some tips on how to create the most engaging interactive video.

    Video Production Tips for a Great Interactive Video

    You would agree that video making requires a fair amount of creativity and especially when it comes to storytelling, the bar goes up even higher. Singapore, which has earned the designation of UNESCO’s the Creative City of Design, is an example of a country where creativity is reflective right from its architecture to digital space.

    It has resulted in Singapore emerging as a key services provider in creative video production in South-East Asia. The services include everything from media campaigns like live stream shows, and product launches, to live-action and animated video productions, to illustrations, graphic design and photography.

    Create a strong plot

    Craft an interesting, but a relatable story. A story that takes your viewers on a fascinating journey. You can hire a video production agency in Singapore that can understand your requirements well and help create an engaging story for your viewers.

    Create videos that connects to one another

    Instead of having a single video, have multiple videos that linked through user interaction. This is the result of advancement in technology that allows the users to interact with the videos to play around with the stories, and choose paths of their choices that lead to different endings. 

    Plan smooth transition

    Create a smooth transition between videos by matching your scene transitions with the node transitions. And you can do this by changing the angle or frame between videos. This will help avoid jump cuts that affect the flow of the video.

    Select the right video style

    Depending on the story, you can choose live-action or animation as the appropriate style for your video. In live-action, you can use real people to portray your story, while in 2D or 3D animation, you can use animated characters to do the same. While live-action is easier and more convenient, animation gives creators limitless creativity and space to build their content.

    Use motion graphics in your video

    You can combine elements like text, digital illustrations, and animations through motion graphics to convey your story more succinctly. Since these graphics help your videos pop, your viewers will find this feature irresistible in adventure stories. However, with the increasing popularity of motion graphics, they are often used in corporate video productions in Singapore.

    Create clean audio

    Sound is of paramount importance when it comes to video production. Choosing the right music sets the mood of the video and clean audio engages the audience, helps deliver the story distinctly, and arouses emotional responses among the viewers. So no matter how good the picture quality of the video is, if the users cannot listen to the story clearly, it will discourage them from continuing to watch your video. And when used properly, music, sound effects, and even silence can take your video production several notches higher.


    The corporate videography industry has grown rapidly in Singapore as brands look for more creative spaces to engage and interact with their viewers through videos. Corporate video production agencies like AWANDKO offer crisp, top-quality content through creative designs infused with all the elements of superior video making. Thinking of creating your next video, talk to us about your requirements today.

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