AWANDKO Referral Programme

Start earning up to $500 referral fee today.

Become a Referral with AWANDKO Referral Programme

When you refer someone to us, he gets all the help he needs to complete his project and in return, you get a commission for referring a project to us. It is a win-win situation. And it is so simple to earn your referral fee.

How does the referral programme work?

1. For example, your friend, John, need a designer to create a brochure design.
2. Drop us an email or contact us via our contact us form. Let us know how we can contact John.
3. We will approach John to find out about his requirements. And after discussions, he is happy to engage AWANDKO to work on his project.
4. You get paid once we start working on John’s project after he has signed off the project quotation.

How much will I be paid as referral fee?

We pay a generous commission of 10% of the quoted amount or up to $500 for each successful referral. So, the more you refer, the more referral fee you earn.

When and how will I be paid?

You will get paid once the quotation is signed off and we kick start on the project. Referral fee is paid in Singapore Dollar (SGD) via local bank transfer (if you are in Singapore) or PayPal. If you wish to open a PayPal account to start earning your referral fee, register your account here.

What project can I refer to you?

We provide a range of services for our clients. You can refer someone if they are looking for us to do

  1. Design projects
  2. Website Development projects
  3. Custom Web Application Development projects
  4. Video Production/Editing projects
  5. Digital Marketing projects
  6. Outsourcing projects