Post-Pandemic Digital Marketing trends you need to know

Post-Pandemic Digital Marketing trends you need to know

The world is not what we know it to be. During the pandemic, many have taken to a new way of hybrid or home working. Shifting their work environment, blending it with their personal lives and adapting to a virtual world. Connecting with family, friends and businesses through a screen. On the flip side, businesses too have made the shift. They’ve become far more agile and understood the need to digitise their operations. But, what does this mean for marketers?

As we shift our focus on changing trends and consumer behaviours, reaching customers could not be any more different. With each year, trends change. Today, we look at 5 ways marketers can ride, or in this case start a new wave of digital outreach.


1. Communication is key

Covid-19 left many consumers confused, challenged and simply, uninformed. As businesses scrambled to understand the position they were in, some rose to the challenge. Brands that adopted a personal and honest approach found success with their target market. Understanding the specifics of their demographic made it easier for businesses to communicate. This was easily done through the type of updates for example, through social media, search engine optimisation or website development. Acting fast builds brand credibility and trust.


2. Amplify your consumer’s last best experience

Technology centres around consumers. Overnight, businesses had to either adopt digital working or build on it. For digital marketers, this meant bringing their new ideas into play 6months earlier . For example, many consumers took to messaging on social media to understand the position a business was in. To stay relevant, businesses need to push out creative content, something that’s new, relatable and on trend.


3. Streamline your audience

Targeting and segmentation needs to be spot on. Successful businesses continue to look towards paid promotion. To do so correctly, requires specific data. Such as, data on their consumers interests, likes, dislikes, age, gender, location etc. Fully understanding, interpreting, and tailoring content marketing to your audience will yield better results going forward. The consumer will feel heard and related too. 


4. Simplify your consumer’s journey

When looking at an online journey, it is key your website is fully optimised and user friendly. If a consumer has to swim through five pages to purchase a product, its highly likely they won’t purchase at all. Top retailers have understood this and updated their websites (and apps) to make a purchase a ‘one-click’ experience. Understanding load time, saved payment details and pop-up ads – will make your consumers journey easier. 


5. The pandemic highlighted the importance of marketing

Covid-19 forced businesses to close, face to face meetings to halt and physical marketing to stop – highlighting the need for digital marketing. A shift in mindset meant active social listening, investment in new digital approaches and flexibility around creative media, are likely to be at the forefront of all businesses.

Striking the perfect balance of emotive messaging and automation is key. Marketers should understand which balance works for them and be open to new ways of digital creativity – placing their customers at the centre of decision marking. 

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About the Author

Raj is a copywriter and marketing professional from England, who has worked in America and Asia across different industries. For the last 9+ years she has dedicated and worked closely with her clients to achieve and exceed their digital goals.

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Credits: Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels