New Corporate Video Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

New Corporate Video Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

Blog - New Corporate Video Trends to Look Forward to in 2023
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    New Corporate Video Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

    In the last five years, we’ve seen a drastic transformation of the mass media landscape. With higher internet penetration and the growth of social media, short videos are dominating user feeds. 

    Traditional advertisements are losing popularity with the tech-savvy crowd, resulting from the steady decline of attention spans. You need more and better creative videos to attract your viewers. Here are some new corporate video trends are showing a lot of promise. So, if you want to get the first-mover advantage in launching a new corporate video, read on!

    Video trends that will shape the future

    Some of the most exciting new trends in corporate videos are mentioned as follows:

    Live Videos

    The future of live format videos is bright as major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram continue to get high user engagement from their ‘live’ video sharing features. Popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Twitch have experienced the same thing.

    Corporate videos get more traction if they are broadcast live with behind-the-scenes content, as viewers perceive them as being more authentic. Furthermore, live talk shows produced by corporations seem to generate much more consumer engagement as compared to pre-recorded ones.

    Interactive Shoppable Videos

    With online shopping on the rise, interactive videos that let viewers purchase products are the next big thing. Corporate videos can take advantage of this format by improving their conversion without spending on advertising.

    Vertical Videos

    With smartphone media consumption shooting through the roof, vertical videos provide a more immersive experience by using the entire screen area. When being used on the right platform, vertical videos has shown to consistently out-perform the horizontal ones.

    360-degree Videos

    Advancements in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have propelled interactive videos to center stage. Once something costly to produce, corporations can now give a tour of their workspace to consumers, offering great realism and convenience, at an affordable rates. VR can also help businesses make use of story arcs and narratives while allowing the viewers to interact and look around 360-degree in the video. This can result in a memorable experience for the viewer. We will expect to see more demand for such 360-degree videos in 2023.

    Searchable Corporate Videos

    Videos with a question-answer type structure can get a lot of organic search traffic. With the right keywords in the title and metadata, videos can benefit from Google’s structured snippets. This makes the video easier to market to target audiences and gets a better ROI after being published.

    Personalized Corporate Videos

    Personalization adds a new dimension to a corporate video by making the viewer feel special. Instead of making the same generic style of corporate video, a subtle touch of customization can target certain high-value customers. This can improve conversion rate, enhance relationships, cater to specific complaints, and develop brand recognition & recall.

    Longer Corporate Videos

    Short videos cater to a larger audience segment and are not going away. However, we are also seeing a niche consumer segments that have more demand for long-format videos. Longer videos convey the corporate journey and services in greater depth & detail, enabling brands to connect with their core audience.

    Silent Videos

    Let’s not forget about silent videos too. Most of us consume videos on social media platforms during our travelling, breaks and before our sleep. We won’t want to on the volume loud to disturb anyone, right? A well made silent video can engage consumers in a better way. They help you stand out from the crowd and also make the video less annoying in public places.


    Building brand awareness through video marketing is vital for corporate entities these days. With a fragmented media landscape and ad-blocking tendencies on the rise, brands must find better ways to connect with their core users. By leveraging these trends in your next corporate videos, we can help make your video marketing campaigns more exciting, effective, and engaging!

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