How To Use TikTok Ads For Advertising

How To Use TikTok Ads For Advertising​

Skilled marketers know they must develop marketing campaigns across different channels to remain competitive. But few have considered using Tiktok Ads as a marketing channel. The use of TikTok Ads in your next marketing campaign may be one of the most effective decisions you will ever make, especially in Singapore where they are not as prevalent as other social media platforms.

Even though Tiktok seems to cater only for Gen Z or teenagers, it will surely become an important marketing channel, and it is not for a bad reason. With approximately 689 million active users per month, TikTok has experienced meteoric growth and its users are spending more time on the app – view time per user has increased 146% from January 2020 to January 2021.

That being said, TikTok itself has indulged in creating multiple advertising formats that let businesses advertise. This includes brand takeovers, hashtag challenges, advertising through creators with a huge following, and more.

However, the two main forms of TikTok advertisement available are Biddable Ads and through TikTok Account Manager.

Biddable Ads

If you have used Google Ads before, bidding on TikTok won’t be a hassle. Even though bidding is done manually, any user can bid on advertisement slots to promote self-serving style ads within the social network.

Biddable Ads allows the user to create ads with a targeted audience so you can target your ads to reach a certain age group, gender, or location. You can also set a blacklist, so the ad never reaches them.

You can only bid to place the ad in the app’s main feed. And there are only three pricing methods; Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Mille (CPM), and Cost Per View (CPV).

Through TikTok Account Manager

Advertising on TikTok is a whole lot better using this method. It allows you to create campaigns that reach a larger audience and catch the eye with their uniqueness. However, it does require a lot more investment and collaboration working with a TikTok Account Manager.
Some of the options that TikTok Ads provide are:

  • Brand Takeover: Whenever you open the app, an ad will appear before it takes you to the main page. The ad will be full-screen and act as an opener.
  • Hashtag Challenge: The goal is to create a viral trend and you do so by creating a unique dance or challenge that your followers can participate in. The more the participants, the better the results!
  • Branded Lenses: Similar to Snapchat and Instagram, this ad style allows businesses to build personalized virtual reality filters for viewers to use while creating their content.
  • Sponsored Content: Tiktok creators have huge followings and brands can leverage on the creators’ influence to bring awareness to their brand. Brand can co-create sponsored content with a TikTok content that is related to their brand and generate buzz for their products/services organically.


If all this gets too overwhelming to handle yourself, you can always rely on a trusted digital marketing agency such as AWANDKO. You have big dreams for your businesses and we can provide you with all necessary services to make it happen with TikTok ads. We will help you reach your target audience, promote your business, and ensure that your desired marketing objective is achieved.

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