How does reliable web hosting improve SEO?

How does reliable web hosting affect SEO?

It’s true that site design and upkeep are very important for digital marketing. However, we seldom hear about the importance of finding reliable web hosting for your website. However search engines take into consideration a lot of things when ranking a site, and having a reliable web hosting play a part in influencing your search engine results too.

Web Hosting Factors that impact your SEO 

When it comes to SEO, we often think about keyword usage, credible links, and content quality. However, there are other factors that may impact your SEO such as site speed, server location, and site availability. 

Site speed

Search engines help users find the online content that they are looking for quickly and with ease.If you visit a website that takes ages to load, you will usually hit the back button or close the browser tab. After all, no one will stay on websites that take forever to load, right?

Google has announced in 2010that site speed will be a ranking factor in their algorithm. Hence, if your website doesn’t load as enough, your website will end up getting lower SERP rankings for your website!

Ideally, your website should load as fast as possible to offer your users a better experience which leads to more conversions. To have a fast website, you need:

  • A good hosting provider with sufficient resources, a good data centre infrastructure, and fast hardware
  • A well-coded website with optimized code and images

Server location

Search engines do rank sites based on IP addresses, which are assigned based on geographical location. There are many internet users who use search engines to help them find local businesses and places of interest. Thus, the ranking algorithm is used to help them through the process.

Choosing a non-local server can affect not only your target audience but others as well. Communication is a big part of any contract between a business and a web hosting service, be it network speed or customer service. Always choose a reliable web hosting service that has a data centre in your area, high uptime and quick response. Websites hosted in a data centre in your area will serve the pages faster, with lesser latency time to your customer, hence improving user experience.

Site Availability

You could take all measures to secure your website but if the hosting provider doesn’t do so, then it’s akin to building a sandcastle that may topple anytime. It can be really frustrating to see your website hacked or get infected by malware because of poor network security, and if this is not resolved quickly, it results in de-indexing and domain blacklisting.

A good web hosting company will help you avoid security compromises and ensure your website is always available. Some of the key best practices include access restriction, network monitoring, SSL & Firewall, DDoS prevention, malware detection and removal, password user and access, backups, and many more.

Unreliable websites that are always down will not receive a high rank from search engines, and may even be blacklisted. This means devastating blow for your brand and reputation. You could successfully implement various SEO tactics, but if your site is blacklisted due to unreliable hosting, it won’t matter. Traffic and potential leads will not be able to find your website, and they won’t be able to purchase your products or services either.


It’s definitely important to rank high on search engines, especially with the fierce competition in any industry. There are many white-hat methods to boost your SEO. Do consider a good hosting provider. It can be your quickest step to improve your SEO and search engine ranking.

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