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Do I Need A Website For My Business?

Blog - Do I Need A Website For My Business?
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    In the modern era, having an online presence has become very vital, and having a professionally designed business website is important. Regardless of whatever you’re running, a café, restaurant, supermarket, or, manufacturing business, your online presence is fundamental.

    Indeed, your clients would want to see you on the social platforms, and especially on your website. Customers prefer to see these pages to check the business’s authenticity, how well it is working, and how good the reviews are. These days, potential clients rely on social platforms to check a business’s authenticity, and if they don’t see you there, you might lose them. So, adopting a strategy of creating a website for your business is a thriving measure for your venture. Plus, it is also a strategy to scale your revenue, be it from increased sales via the website or displaying advertisements on your site.

    Do I really need a website for my business?

    • Almost every brand or product around you has its website but is it truly necessary? It definitely is! Let us tell you why.
    • 55% of consumers search online for recommendations and reviews before purchasing a product/service, and 30% of consumers would re-purchase from a website they already purchased. Well, now, you do! Even if you don’t plan to sell your product directly via your website, you could still showcase your business, vision, contact details, address, and attract potential leads!
    • A business  website helps define itself and let more people know about it. Websites also help you showcase your expertise.  The more your website is aesthetically pleasing and well-built, the more customers trust it. Different tactics are adopted by different owners to attract their customers, and the first thing the customers do is look for their website.

    6 More Compelling Reasons To Build Your Website

    In contrast to conventional business models, current innovation has revolutionized the business world. Offline stores are now complemented with various marketing platforms, i.e., websites, blogs, e-commerce, and various social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). Having a website hosted on a reliable web hosting server is ever more critical to a business and in its marketing plans.

    Gain More Customer Traffic

    It is very clear that an average internet user with internet knowledge browses a product’s website. 71% of people firmly believed that they will get a better deal online. People trust the product and the company better when there is a proper website with proper details and reviews.

    Always Available Online

    You’re not unavailable anymore when you have a website for your offline business. Instead, you’re available 24/7. Most of the users stay up at night, searching for their favorite products, visiting different websites in their comfort zone at home. Hence, the website is an amazing facility for the customers to enhance their knowledge about your website and an opportunity for you to gain their trust! After all, a website doesn’t have operational timings, unlike your physical store!

    Also, since there are no geographical boundaries, Visitors from any country can visit your website regardless of their location and time-zone, so this is a plus point too. They can visit your website any time of the day to inquire and place their order.

    Reduce Production Cost

    Online business costs exceptionally low when compared to a physical store. Neither you need to develop a structure nor hire an architecture for it. That said, you could definitely finance these costs of your offline store by the extra revenue generated from your website!

    Improve Credibility

    Your business’s credibility naturally expands the second you make a website. It’s because the consumers shall trust you as a real business with an online presence since all your contact details and similar data shall be displayed on the web.

    Better Customer Service and Response Time

    Having a website helps you improve your management and administration. In just a matter of seconds, you’ll have the option to manage your clients rapidly. Your demonstrable skills are defined by your client’s assistance. After creating a website, you shall be able to offer improved services and assistance to your clients, such as:

    • Addressing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
    • 24/7 accessibility to customer inquiries and support
    • Providing more data, contact details, and “About us” information
    • Online talking frame-work (e.g. live chat bots) leading to improved customer support
    • Consumers have the option to order your products online directly
    • Instant and easy payment methods


    Having a website instantly boosts your product. Your professionalism will get high in your clients’ eyes and will attract new customers to your business to make more money. Instead of calling you and asking about your product or services, increase your professional look by having your product and services displayed nicely on your website. 


    As you can see, Business website is an incredible and most easy-to-connect strategy for your offline business. It’s marketing your product worldwide and letting more people get to know you and reach out to you through your website. Nowadays, consumers have increasingly preferred to research online before visiting their outlets, so many businesses must go on the web to satisfy such demands.

    Thinking of building a website for your business and want to get started? AWANDKO has helped its clients build websites that boost their brand and credibility as a business and leave a strong impression on their customers. We focus on creating fast loading and user-friendly websites that provide the best online experience for your users. So, contact us today!

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