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We are living in a new world. A world which requires companies to adapt to a different environment. A complex environment which relies more heavily on the digital world.

When we think about marketing, marketing is not limited to product and brand recognition. The misunderstanding businesses have is that marketing equals sales. Yes, to some degree that is correct and your product and services can be amplified through successful marketing strategies.

However, our goal is to educate and inspire. We do this by fully understanding your market position and needs. There is particular focus on understanding your audience and how they behave – this is where AWANDKO and our team of digital marketing specialists come in to help you with your digital marketing needs. We dive deeper into the digital world and research key information on your market and audience. For example:

  • Key trends within the market, particularly your industry
  • Key metrics such as; impressions, engagement, conversion rates etc
  • Audience information with focus on; location, age and device use

Digital marketing can be executed through many channels such as: search engine marketing, social media or email marketing. Regardless of the channels used, if you are looking to step up your digital marketing plans, we have the right digital marketing services that can help your message cut through digital clutter and reach your target audience.

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We understand your market & audience.

It is important to ensure your marketing message is coupled with an insightful strategy and flawless implementation, that your audience can easily relate to. This requires us to have a good understanding of your target market and audience.

If you do not have a system to track your online footprint, our team specialises in creating new accounts and offering consultations on which channels to utilise for tracking. For example, through different analytics, utm tracking and more. After completing a thorough audit analysis of your data, we understand your audience and begin to look into innovative ways to reach them effectively. Our team of highly motivated digital marketeers hone in on the most effective channels and platforms to build your presence on. Remaining within client budgets, we encourage transparent communication in order to fully understand your needs and achieve your goals.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include

Search Engine Advertising (SEM)

Another SEM method, Search Engine Advertising is an powerful art to perfect. For example, by strategically placing an advert online via Google Ads, your visibility is immediately present

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is one of the most important strategies businesses can utilise for their online presence. The correct use of SEO can enhance your website visibility and drive traffic to your products or services. In turn, increasing sales and brand recognition.

Video Marketing

This tactic is very powerful if your brand wants to tell a story and reach an audience quickly. Key trends show that most of the content consumed online is video. And many businesses have been quick to adopt this strategy.

Social Media Marketing

There are new trends and platforms which businesses are needs to stay up to date with, in order to be relatable to your audience. Requiring strategy and creativity, social media can create brand recognition, generate conversations, provide opportunities to learn and listen to your audience.

Mass Email Marketing

An effective way to leave a digital footprint and share a significant amount of information is through mass email marketing. You can reach a multitude of consumers and keep them updated on new product launch, sales or events.

Copy Writing/Editing

The way your brand comes across, without any images or videos, is heavily reliant on words. Being able to streamline your content into quick, snappy and precise copy is exactly what will make your brand punch above your competition.

From Our Clients

Thanks for helping us with our digital marketing for the past six months. During this period, we have seen our traffic and enquiries from our website increased several fold! Never think we could have achieve this kind of result before.
- Kay Li

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