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Our Digital Marketing services help you establish a strong online presence.

We are living in a new world. A world which requires companies to adapt to a different environment. A complex environment that relies more heavily than ever on digital marketing.

When we think about marketing, marketing is not limited to product and brand recognition. The misunderstanding businesses have is that marketing equals sales. Yes, to some degree that is correct and your product and services can be amplified through successful marketing strategies.

However, our goal is to educate and inspire. We do this by fully understanding your market position and needs. There is particular focus on understanding your audience and how they behave – this is where AWANDKO and our team of digital marketing specialists come in to help you with your digital marketing campaigns. We dive deeper into the digital world to research key information on your market and audience. For example:

  • Key trends within the market, particularly your industry
  • Key metrics such as; impressions, engagement, conversion rates etc
  • Audience information with focus on; location, age and device use

Digital marketing can be executed through many channels such as: search engine marketing, social media or email marketing. Regardless of the channels used, if you are looking to step up your digital marketing plans, we have the right digital marketing services that can help your message cut through digital clutter and reach your target audience.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Whether you want to raise brand awareness, engage your audience or boost sales, we have the right service for you.


Search Engine Marketing

With SEM, you're always one step ahead.

In a market growing and becoming more competitive, brands must quickly become visible to their target audience. With our search engine marketing (SEM), we ensure your brand stays visible on popular search engines like Google.


Search Engine Optimization

Drive intent-driven traffic to your website.

With SEO, you can attract the right customers and increase organic sales without having to spend money on paid media. Our SEO services helps you to increase organic site traffic and visibility for your brand.


Tiktok Advertising

Engage your target audiences with Tiktok video ads.

It’s easy to lost your brand presence in Tiktok with the  overwhelming amount of videos. With Tiktok advertising, we help you ensure that your content is noticed by your target audience and boost your conversion rates. 

We understand your market & audience.

It is important to ensure your marketing message is coupled with an insightful strategy and flawless implementation, that your audience can easily relate to. This requires us to have a good understanding of your target market and audience.

Following a comprehensive audit of your data, our data-driven marketing approach allows us to better understand your audience and begin exploring creative ways to reach them. Digital marketers from our agency focus on the most effective channels and platforms to build your brand. We encourage open communication so that we can fully understand your needs and meet your marketing objectives within your budget.

From Our Clients

Thanks for helping us with our digital marketing for the past six months. During this period, we have seen our traffic and enquiries from our website increased several fold! Never think we could have achieve this kind of result before.
- Kay Li

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