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AWANDKO - Creative Design Services (Intro)

Helping your brand infuse creative magic into all your marketing assets.

Our creative design agency, based in Singapore, crafts functional, beautiful and creative designs that captivate your audience on various digital platforms. Our talented designers imagine and express your messages and product in new and appealing ways. We’re innovative in our approach and ensure that your digital or business communications are never bland.

AWANDKO - Creative Design Services

We have a notoriously short attention span.

This is reason enough to for any brand to pay special attention to the design quality of their marketing materials. You want visitors to spend more time staying on your website. You also want your brochure or infographics to be memorable and tell your brand story and product without having to make a lengthy pitch.

The good news is that thoughtfully conceived and masterfully executed creative design creates positive perceptions about your brand and product. It encourages people to engage with your business and makes them feel more confident to buy your product/service.

AWANDKO - Creative Design Services

Entice with passionately created designs.

In a crowded marketplace, creative design quality can be a differentiator, elevating your marketing efforts and giving you an edge over competitors. Don’t wait to showcase your brand’s creative side with a little help from us! Our team is passionate about design. It is what drives them to explore new ways solving design challenges or ideating one-of-a-kind concepts.

We have a 1-to-1 session with you to understand your vision and expectations. We align with your thought process to build out a creative brief and work according to it. Our creative designers have a keen eye for aesthetics and details. We’re open-minded in the way we conceptualize ideas and flexible to your design requirements. So, don’t hesitate to share your bold vision, intuition and intelligence to help us deliver exceptional designs.

What Creative Design We Offer

AWANDKO - Creative Design Services (Web Design)

Website design

Charm visitors with a fast-loading, easily navigable and elegant website, and increase time spent on site.

AWANDKO - Creative Design Services (Banners)


Hook customers with stunning banners that blend superior artistic vision with UX design psychology.

AWANDKO - Creative Design Services (Logo & Namecards)

Logo & Name Cards

Dazzle prospects with a strong logo and creative name card design that conveys the essence of your brand.

AWANDKO - Creative Design Services (e-Newsletters)


Add a unique touch to all your emails, making them instantly recognizable and attractive in customers' inboxes.

AWANDKO - Creative Design Services (Infographics)

Infographics & Illustrations

Pictures speak a thousand words. Format information into appealing and precise images that customers can absorb easily.

AWANDKO - Creative Design Services (Posters, Brochures and Flyers)

Posters, Brochures & Flyers:

Make your marketing collateral stand out with inspiring design and impress the heck out of potential customers.

Our Design Works

We’ve been busy! Have a look at our portfolio to get an idea of the breadth of our creative design ability. Can you picture us bringing your product and brand messages to life? AWANDKO is proud to have the opportunity to work on diverse projects for businesses in various industries.

Generate leads, and position your brand effectively in your market with creative designs.

Whether you’re a new company looking to make a splash or an established business seeking to upgrade your design, we’ve got you. Drop us a line and give your marketing assets a big boost.

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