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AWANDKO - Corporate Video Production (Intro)

Connect On a Deeper Level.

AWANDKO specializes in conceptualizing and producing corporate videos that make people sit up and take notice. We’re right-brained, imagining how to showcase your brand or explain your product alluringly before your audience. Our goal is to spark interest in your brand with just one view of your corporate video.

Apart from corporate video production in Singapore, we offer creative designs that can further consolidate a clear and effective understanding of your business in customers’ minds. Leverage the power of visual and audio-visual communication to build an enviable brand image.

AWANDKO - Corporate Videos Matter

Why Great Corporate Videos Matter?

If you had to choose just one marketing tactic to generate brand awareness and drive traffic, video would be an excellent option. Statistics has shown many times that video content generally out-performs other media such as text and image.

Our corporate video production team knows exactly how to tap into your local market or any market you desire. With engaging corporate videos, you can

  • Tap into new marketplaces
  • Increase credibility and engagement
  • Enhance conversion rates and increase sales
  • Tell your story in a short snappy video
  • Differentiate from your competition
AWANDKO - Corporate Videos Matter

Incorporating a short powerful message, subtle ‘call-to-action’ or even a voice over can make a difference between leaving your audience wanting more or a missed opportunity. Creating compelling videos that you feel proud and confident to share on your website and social media requires the right skills and experience. 

AWANDKO has been the preferred corporate video production agency for our clients. We provide a complete suite of video production services, covering pre-production, production, and post-production. Our team is skilled at producing different types of corporate videos, including:

AWANDKO - Video Production (Interview Style Videos)

Interview Videos

Showcase how your brand have overcome challenges to offer an awesome product/service. Take your audience behind the scenes with glimpses of your everyday working environment.

AWANDKO - Video Production (Animated Videos)

Animated Videos

Show how your product or service works through interesting and easily digestible cartoons, illustrations or whiteboard drawings. Illustrate a complex concept in a simple way and with a human touch to your brand.

AWANDKO - Video Production (Marketing / Sales Videos)

Marketing/Sales Videos

Tell your audience what your product/service is and how it will benefit them in an impactful, engaging video. Professionally done video engage your audience and build up their confidence in your brand and product/service.

AWANDKO - Video Production (Client Success Videos)

Client Success Videos

Visuals of your customers benefited from and applauding your product creates the social proof needed to nudge your audience to consider your company. We produce client success videos that champion your brand in a meaningful way.

Our Video Works

Videos can promote your entire ‘company universe’, from your brand story and ethos to New Year’s wishes and upcoming products. If you have an idea for a corporate video, we can give it shape and personality. Have a look at the corporate videos we’ve produced for clients across industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

In video production, it is not the length of the video that wholly determines the cost of the production. There are many factors that influence our rates, such as:
  • Types of corporate video you need
  • Which platform you will be showing your video on
  • Whether on-site filming is required and the number of days for the filming
  • The complexity of the project requirements and video production
For a more accurate quote, please contact us and let us know your requirements. We will be happy to arrange a non-obligatory discussion with you to find out about your requirements and provide you with a quote.
Three of the questions our video production team never fail to ask our client are:
  • What is the key message that the video should convey to your audience?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where will you be showing the video?
These three questions are important as they will help shape how your video will be produced to resonate well with your target audience. After all, you won't want to produce a corporate or animated explainer video that may be too dry for the younger group of audience who prefers energetic videos, right?

Yes, apart from English, we have helped our client localised their video in various language such as Korean, Japanese, and even Thai. Let us know the preferred language, and we can source for the right voice over talent for your video.

Contact us now. Our team will reach out to you to understand your video requirements. We will be able to advise and walk you through the next steps to create the corporate or animated explainer video you want.

We welcome your enquiry. Just contact us using the form below and our team will reach out to you to arrange a discussion to find out your video requirements. We will be able to advise and walk you though the next steps to create the corporate or 2D animated explainer video you want.

Generate leads, attract top talent and position your brand effectively in your market with video production.

Contact us today for a no-obligation 30-minute consultation and see how we can convert your brief into a powerful video script and weave compelling stories through custom corporate videos.

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