Benefits of Advertising on TikTok

Benefits of Advertising on TikTok

By now, you will have heard of TikTok and its huge influx of users. Many have rose to fame, brands saw their businesses shoot through the roof, and some found solace during the pandemic. For whichever reason you know of TikTok, it is definitely the new hot spot to get your brand in front of new and existing customers.

From 2017 to 2020, the platform saw users jump from an impressive, 65 million to 730 million users. If TikTok can maintain its growth in the global market as shown, it will reach one billion monthly active users (MAUs) by May 2022, just 8 months from now. This is just one of many reasons to start building your brand on TikTok.

And if you don’t know what TikTok is, here’s a quick introduction. The app is a video-centric focused networking platform. It’s used to make different short videos, from dance, comedy, education, food and fun viral trends, that are made up by its users. The videos can vary from 15 seconds to 3 minutes and encourage engagement in different ways. If you’re a brand, thinking about advertising on TikTok, here are some reasons why you should.

Diverse audience

In its beginning stages, the apps audience was primarily teenagers and young people. However, over the past year, the platform has seen a range of ages and businesses accepting this new form of social networking. Businesses in particular are realizing, a video or review posted by a user with 600 followers, could well attract over a million views – this is happening now.

The reach on TikTok is commendable. It doesn’t necessarily matter how many followers you have. If you’re have been creating quality videos regularly, using viral songs in them and making your videos accessible, it is likely you will have some hit videos.

Increase engagement

Likes, shares and comments are fine, but users who post videos can opt to encourage ‘duets’ or ‘stitches’ – which is fantastic cross promotion. For example, an airline brand may ask users to share their favorite experiences during travel. So, ‘stitching’ or ‘duetting’ the video means bringing the two together, which places both videos across a variety of audiences – the airline and its customers.

TikTok ads

There are multiple ads that brands can choose. The most effective are, top view ads, similar to PPC, brand take over ads (like YouTube ads that don’t allow skipping), in-feed ads and branded hashtag challenges. Although 41% of its users are aged 16-24, the remaining 59% fall into the millennial, Gen X and Baby boomer generations – widening a brands reach.

Businesses looking to make the move can easily promote their services on the app. Its very cost effective and the opportunity to reach your target market is wide. Many brands are wanting their customers to act on buying a product, using a service or raising awareness. Whilst others are happy to socially listen to their audience or act as a customer service outlet.

Whatever your goal, TikTok can help you achieve more, if the right time and investment goes into running creative campaigns.


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